Our Mission:
"To protect Water and Sewer utilities with specialized risk management services and broad coverage at a stable cost"




Helping Washington Water and Sewer Districts Improve Processes, Reduce Risk, and Save Money

For Water and Sewer Districts

Insurance costs, best practices training, risk management ... for water and sewer district managers and staff, it can be a lot to handle. That's where the Water & Sewer Risk Management Pool (WSRMP) can help you. As a member of WSRMP, you'll find an organization managed by your peers – the directors and managers of our members. You'll learn about training procedures, accident remediation, saving money on insurance, and much more. If you're a water and sewer district manager in Washington state, and you're not already a member of WSRMP, contact us today!

For Homeowners and Business Owners

Your water and sewer services are important to you. As such, you may want to know more about how your water and sewer district works to keep costs down, improve services, and deliver more value. Feel free to look around the public part of this website to learn more about our member districts and how our organization helps them – and in turn, helps you.

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