About Us

The Water & Sewer Risk Management Pool (WSRMP) was created in 1987 by water and sewer districts in response to the hard commercial insurance market of the early 1980’s that left many public agencies without sufficient or affordable insurance. The WSRMP, still managed by the directors and managers of the members we serve, is a partnership to share risk and group-purchase insurance coverages, to minimize the impact of the cyclical nature of the insurance industry while providing comprehensive coverage and generous limits.

The coverages we offer our members are the result of intense analysis of our members’ unique needs and include such extensions of coverage as pollution liability arising out of potable water, propane or natural gas, weed or pest abatement or spraying or any chemical used in the water treatment process. As new challenges emerge, we anticipate how such challenges might affect our members and we work to provide solutions before the challenges become problematic. But WSRMP is a lot more also; it provides a whole spectrum of member services including training, seminars, risk management and safety programs, information and one-on-one guidance.


2017 WSRMP Annual Report

2018 WSRMP Annual Report

2019 WSRMP Annual Report